Monday, January 7, 2013

4Shared Fraud ?!?

It has come to my attention that someone is reporting files of mine, from a previous valentines blog train , claiming that I have infringed copyright, and 4shared have removed those files as well as informing me that a 3rd warning will have my 4shared closed down. It has also come to my attention recently that someone else is creating files with MDZ_ as the preclusion to their file names, which is in no way affiliated with me. 
Anything, I have created, and shared, will be found here, and stored on my 4shared account. I don't have any other scrap sites ( other than a newish one I created to cater to the taggerz market ). 
I have to my knowledge, only created scraps using commercial free products ( in point of fact, I only buy commercial free scripts/actions etc from ) . I do not sell anything I create, I have made no monetory gains out of anything I have created and this really annoys me. 
If you have a problem with something I have created, if you believe I have infringed a copyright of some sort, then please deal with me first, rather than report me , so that I can rectify the manner first, and offer my own apology ( if it is proven that I have indeed infringed a copyright ). 


  1. Sorry to hear this have been MDZ for as long as I can remember.

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  4. Hi MDZ, I just came across your blog and luv your creations! Also, I was on another blog (graphics) yesterday and saw where the girl had her 4Shared account hacked! Someone had stolen all her files and using/claiming as their own. In return, 4Shared was no help to her and she has a paid subscription with them. Just wanted to bring this to your attention as it may be a hacker doing this as well? So sorry ppl do things like this!